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I have worked on/with medical doctors, chiropractors, yoga teachers, massage therapists, other healers, mothers, children, business executives,  pets, athletes and people with chronic issues &/or disabilities. 

Most clients are happy to provide references or answer questions regarding their experiences.

Here are a few things people have shared after working with me:

"I had the pleasure of doing a private healing retreat with Heather. This is the ultimate personalized experience! Heather has an amazing ability to blend healing on all levels (mind, body, and spirit) for your unique situation. Our sessions included Thai Yoga Therapy, Yoga, Reiki, Naia Yoga (yoga in the ocean), sitted meditation, sadhanna guided meditation, breath work, dietary counseling, and life counseling. Heather also prepared healthy meals specific to my healing needs. Heather is in a special class of healing facilitators. She moves beyond dogma and limiting constructs to address core issues from all angles. Her non-judgemental honesty set me at ease and alloed me to work through fears and limiting thought patterns. I cam away from our retreat a new man with increased strength and flexibility, decreased pain, and a healthier outlook on life!"

Todd Baszucki, MD, Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine. 2010

"I found Heather after sustaining a shoulder injury that radiated down my entire arm. The injury made simple things like combing my hair painful let alone walking dogs (my profession) virtually impossible. My symptoms had improved very little after a few months of traditional medical treatments (orthopedic doctor & physical therapist) and regular visits to my chiropractor. In desperation I began seeking alternatives by asking friends for advice and referrals. Heather George of the Lotus Way was recommended by several friends. I was hesitant because I was afraid that massage or manipulation could make things worse but booked a session for that weekend. The almost miraculous relief from pain that I experienced during my first session with Heather was remarkable. I booked a follow up session for the following day and was soon able to get back to my daily routine. I attribute my recovery to Heather's gentle, healing approach to yoga massage therapy. I'm eternally grateful to Heather and don't know where I would be without her.

I continue to have sessions with Heather when she is in town. Call it preventive maintenance or working out the kinks before they erupt into an injury. It just plain feels great. Try a session...but I warn you they are addictive."

Stacey Kissam - Chief Pet Buddy - Watch Dogs Pet Sitters - Corona del Mar, CA

"Heather George performed a Thai Yoga therapy session on me, lasting approximately 3 hours.

Heather was extremely professional and created a very relaxed and therapeutic environment for the session.

Her command of physiology and anatomy is excellent. Her technique encompassed a variety of musculoskeletal manipulations as well as traditional massage techniques and yoga postures. Not only did my back, legs and joints feel better after the session but I was also mentally very relaxed and more in tune with my body.  I highly recommend Heather George for the professional practice of Thai yoga therapy."

Skylar Ulrich - MD, MPH, Board certified in Preventive Medicine

"Heather George is fantastic. Although initially skeptical the sessions with Heather helped me on both a physical and mental level. The results were quite dramatic with a noticeable increase in flexibility and a greater awareness of my body. She was able to identify and help to correct areas of stress and tension. By scheduling regular sessions I have made a significant step toward a more healthy body and mind."
-Ken Gettinger - Investment Banker - Newport Beach, CA & Southampton, NY

"My session with Heather was a complete healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

I was so inspired that I will more regularly attend yoga classes. 

I felt complete, whole and satisfied with the experience, the results, and the care that Heather gave. 

I have been healed by many hands and voices.  heather is now and will be great as she moves forward."

Sally Aderton - Real Estate Manager & Healer - Alameda, CA

"I really enjoyed my first Thai Yoga Therapy session.  Having never done yoga before, I thought it was a great way to be introduced to it and learn a little about my body, what it is capable of and where my tension seems to gather and why."

Tricia M. -Teacher - San Francisco, CA

"I found the experience to be relaxing, enriching and spiritual.  I felt completely comfortable with Heather. 

She took command of the session and put me at ease at the same time.  I trusted her completely. 

I think that Heather is a gifted healer.  She pours her energy and her heart into the work and i as the recipient felt touched. 

I will definitely do another session with her!"

Bonnie Ketring - Aesthetician - Scottsdale, AZ

"You seemed to have a psychic link to my body. 

While you worked on me, time was suspended and I was bathed in a warm white light. 

The massage you gave me was an almost inexpressible joy."

Lance Waring - Philanthropist & Athlete - Telluride, CO

"Describing the experience from my side of the session is like trying to describe powder skiing, surfing or sex. 

Nevertheless, I'll make and effort..."

-Anonymous... but one of my favorite quotes ;-)

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