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Photo Gallery

Here are a just a few photos to give you an idea of what you might expect. 

There are countless postures and variations of each.  I could do a 5-hour session easily without running out of therapeutic postures!


Good Pain

Apana Vayu is the energy flow in the body that relates to downward moving energy. A big part of this therapy is about getting you out of your head and into your body... grounding you and opening the space for healing in your mind and body. This postue targets key points for this grounding and release to happen.

Half Lotus Press

There are so many variations of working the leg lines and opening the hips and stretching the lower body. This is merely one example.

Thigh, Kidney, Lower Back...

So much great work is going on in this posture. Again, this is just one variation from many for working these areas.

Kneeling Cobra

A wonderful version of the Cobra for people who are starting to open up their hearts and stretch their backs.

Sit on the Cobra

Another variation taking this stretch a bit further.

Kama Sutra Cobra

A Cobra variation for those ready to open fully, and fly!

Ch'i, Izzy & Me

Ch'i does the best downward dog I've ever seen! Both of my dogs receive yoga therapy all the time. They love it!

Sister Trinity

No other two beings on the planet have taught me more about love, strength and flexibility than these two women. They are my best friends.

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