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My name is Heather George.  I am working with a wonderful company called Mead Labs, Inc. and we have developed a product and opportunity for Arbonne Independent Consultants and Clients who use, are considering using &/or distribute their wonderful Natural Balancing Creams.   

Mead Labs, Inc. was created to improve access to the benefits of integrative medicine. We strongly feel that natural hormone supplementation is critical for disease prevention and life extension. Furthermore, Mead Labs believes that individuals are empowered by knowing their hormone status and having access to natural hormone supplementation along with other natural, proven remedies.

Mead Labs believes in these 2 Natural Balancing Creams as well as other beneficial complimentary products and we now have a test kit designed SPECIFICALLY for Independent Consultants and their clients!

 These kits and the services which the highly trained medical staff at Mead Labs can now provide are such a wonderful assets to each of us individually as well as our businesses. 

 Please review the links below and contact me immediately for more information about the amazing discounts I can offer registered Independent Consultants and Clients.  I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant and the distributor for the ‘Mead Labs Independent Consultant’s Test Kit’.  Let me know how I can support you on your path to health and prosperity.


Heather George

The Lotus Way, LLC

Mead Labs Distributor & Rep

Arbonne International Independent Consultant




Initially all product orders will be made by phone or fax.  Please contact Heather directly to place your order.

Once order is placed, some payments may be made (for an additional 3% fee) via the PayPal link below.

Thank you and I look forward to helping you achieve your goals in health and prosperity!


We will send you a confirmation email for your order and any additional information necessary.   Thank You!


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Last modified: 07/11/07

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